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I’ve pushed out an MVP for a project I am working on with Chris Fischer. The project is titled “Good Chat”. It is a tool for facilitating meetings, particularly 1 on 1′s between managers and direct reports.

The tech industry has a lot of young managers who don’t necessarily have traditional management training. Often meetings don’t happen because of anxiety around having conversations and a lack of structure. Good Chat serves as shim to get conversations started and keep meetings on track. …Read More

Git & Github Snippets for Mid-Level UsersProgramming

These are my expanded notes form Peter Bell’s git class at Gilt Group on 3/27/2014. The below should be true for git versions 1.7.9 to 1.9.*. I’d estimate myself as mid-level or beginning-of-mid-level git user. I’ve cloned, I’ve pulled, I’ve pushed, I’ve branched, but I haven’t gone much farther then what I used to do with SVN. I’ve had this lingering feeling like I have a brand new (insert cool sports car here), but I’ve just been driving it at 15 miles an hour on residential roads. …Read More

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