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I’ve pushed out an MVP for a project I am working on with Chris Fischer. The project is titled “Good Chat”. It is a tool for facilitating meetings, particularly 1 on 1’s between managers and direct reports.

The tech industry has a lot of young managers who don’t necessarily have traditional management training. Often meetings don’t happen because of anxiety around having conversations and a lack of structure. Good Chat serves as shim to get conversations started and keep meetings on track. …Read More


I had the pleasure this holiday break of building an artist site for my friend Michael Hensley. I used ghost to get things up and running quick. This site gave me the chance to play with a super minimalist design aesthetic that let’s the photography sit front and center.

Check out the website here.

Victoria’s Secret: “Bikini Mixer”Commercial Work

I worked as Front End Lead with the Victoria’s Secret Special Projects team to produce this single page application. There are two separate builds: one for desktop/tablet and one for handheld devices. They are kept in the same repository and share common js and css files when possible. The two builds files are managed in separate grunt configs to manage dependencies. We used Hammer to manage touch events …Read More

Git & Github Snippets for Mid-Level UsersProgramming

These are my expanded notes form Peter Bell’s git class at Gilt Group on 3/27/2014. The below should be true for git versions 1.7.9 to 1.9.*. I’d estimate myself as mid-level or beginning-of-mid-level git user. I’ve cloned, I’ve pulled, I’ve pushed, I’ve branched, but I haven’t gone much farther then what I used to do with SVN. I’ve had this lingering feeling like I have a brand new (insert cool sports car here), but I’ve just been driving it at 15 miles an hour on residential roads. …Read More

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Xerox: Business of Your BrainCommercial Work

This project is an Adobe Air desktop application that parses the users outlook mailbox and creates visualizations – including animated word clouds, pie charts, calendars and more. It is written with a combination of actionscript 3, and xml in a native windows wrapper. …Read More

Xerox: Real BusinessCommercial Work , Sites

This was an experiential site for Xerox. I was responsible for coding video management, modal windows, and continued site maintenance, adding and removing characters, videos, pdf’s and other assets as the brand progressed. …Read More